APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-19 (APG-19)

Working Party 3 (WP3)

CPM-19 Report Chapter 3: Satellite Services
WRC-19 Agenda Items : 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 7, 9.1 (Issues 9.1.2, 9.1.3, 9.1.9)

to consider the results of studies in accordance with Resolution 557 (WRC-15), and review, and revise if necessary, the limitations mentioned in Annex 7 to Appendix 30 (Rev.WRC-12), while ensuring the protection of, and without imposing additional constraints on, assignments in the Plan and the List and the future development of the broadcasting-satellite service within the Plan, and existing and planned fixed-satellite service networks;

Drafting Group Chair - Mr. Meiditomo Sutyarjoko (Japan)

to consider the use of the frequency bands 17.7-19.7 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 27.5-29.5 GHz (Earth-to-space) by earth stations in motion communicating with geostationary space stations in the fixed-satellite service and take appropriate action, in accordance with Resolution 158(WRC-15);

Drafting Group Chair - Mr. Nobuyuki Kawai (Japan)

to consider the development of a regulatory framework for non-GSO FSS satellite systems that may operate in the frequency bands 37.5-39.5 GHz (space-to-Earth), 39.5-42.5 GHz (space-to-Earth), 47.2-50.2 GHz (Earth-to-space) and 50.4-51.4 GHz (Earth-to-space), in accordance with Resolution 159 (WRC- 15);

Drafting Group Chair - Mr. Dave Kershaw (New Zealand)

to consider possible changes, and other options, in response to Resolution 86 (Rev. Marrakesh, 2002) of the Plenipotentiary Conference, an advance publication, coordination, notification and recording procedures for frequency assignments pertaining to satellite networks, in accordance with Resolution 86 (Rev.WRC 07), in order to facilitate rational, efficient and economical use of radio frequencies and any associated orbits, including the geostationary satellite orbit;

Drafting Group Chair - Mr. Phung Nyugen Phuong (Viet Nam), Ms. Geetha Remy Vincent (Malaysia) and Mr. Iraj Mokarrami (Islamic Rep. of Iran)

Issue 9.1.2: Compatibility of International Mobile Telecommunications and broadcasting-satellite service (sound) in the frequency band 1 452-1 492 MHz in Regions 1 and 3

Drafting Group Chair - Dr. Dae-Sub Oh (Rep. of Korea)

Issue 9.1.3: Study of technical and operational issues and regulatory provisions for new non-geostationary-satellite orbit systems in the 3 700-4 200 MHz, 4 500-4 800 MHz, 5 925-6 425 MHz and 6 725 7 025 MHz frequency bands allocated to the fixed-satellite service

Drafting Group Chair - Mrs. Cheng Fenhong (People's Rep. of China)

Issue 9.1.9: Studies relating to spectrum needs and possible allocation of the frequency band 51.4-52.4 GHz to the fixed-satellite service (Earth-to-space)

Drafting Group Chair - Mrs. Cheng Fenhong (People's Rep. of China)


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